August 16, 2010

State denies WFSE/AFSCME's health care grievance; arbitration next

The state’s Labor Relations Office on Friday (Aug. 13) denied the Federation’s health care grievance.

This is the grievance to recoup some $216 million in your surplus health funds diverted by the Legislature in 2008. Because of that diversion, your deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs skyrocketed this past January.

LRO Director Diane Leigh ruled the grievance was filed too late and even if it was timely, “no funds were diverted to other portions of the state budget.”

The Federation has 30 days to file for arbitration.

The union will save its counterarguments for arbitration. But it’s safe to say the state missed the point: The union has documented the diversion; and it only became aware of the magnitude of the diversion’s impact this spring—after protracted pushing and prodding to get accurate information from the state.

The Public School Employees/SEIU followed the Federation in filing a grievance as well. All were consolidated and all were denied by the state.


BG Russell said...

I posted this two times now. LAst try. The web page a flyer told me to go to is not working please fix I am able to get to many other sites ... this one will not open. I want to send note to Gov and Leg about health care - but you site is blocking me do ing anything.

WFSEc28 said...

BG - We apologize for any confusion you are having. We have health care alerts posted on > Issues > Health Care Alerts. On this page you can download alert flyers or send an email to the Governor and your Reps.

Here's the direct link to the action page:

Contact me at or 800-562-6002 if you need additional help. Laura Reisdorph