December 11, 2010

General Government bargaining makes major headway after week of bargaining

After bargaining four of the past five days, your General Government Bargaining Team has reached tentative agreement with the state on all but six of the contract’s 54 articles.

The team returns to the table Monday.

The General Government team reached tentative agreement this week on the following articles in the 2011-2013 contract:
Article 3 – Bid System
Article 4 – Hiring and Appointments
Article 11 – Vacation Leave
Article 22 – Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Article 26 – Housing
Article 39 – Union Activities
Article 52 – Printing of Agreement
Article 53 – Term of Agreement
Seven appendices and three memoranda of understanding
The six articles left on the table are:
Article 6 – Hours of Work
Article 9 – Licensure and Certification
Article 17 – Miscellaneous Paid Leaves
Article 27 – Discipline
Article 34 – Layoff and Recall
Article 42 – Compensation
Both sides have narrowed the differences remaining in those six articles.

  • The one-day special session of the Legislature is tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 11) to deal with some of the budget cuts needed for the current biennium.
  • The governor is expected to unveil her budget plan for 2011-2013 next Wednesday, Dec. 15.

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