August 31, 2011

Children's Administration Task Force meets with management

Children’s Administration members expect action from DSHS management now that their task force on management accountability has presented its documentation that led to the recent 98.6 percent vote of no confidence in their Deputy Director Denise Revels Robinson.

The task force met today (Aug. 31) with management. Task force members Joyce Murphy (Local 1400, Kelso), Tony Gorini (Local 313, Vancouver) and Ursula Petters (Local 1181, Bremerton), along with WFSE/AFSCME President Carol Dotlich, VP Sue Henricksen, Executive Director Greg Devereux and Contract Compliance Manager Jeanine Livingston, met with management.

“We expect them to take the documentation, digest it and come up with a plan on how to deal with the problems in Children’s…,” Livingston said. “Trust has been destroyed….It’s time for action.”

Pictured above from left: Joyce Murphy (Local 1400, Kelso); Ursula Petters (Local 1181, Bremerton); WFSE/AFSCME Contract Compliance Manager Jeanine Livingston; and Tony Gorini (Local 313, Vancouver).

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Debbie said...

Way to gooo! Thanks so much for your hard work and the great job!