September 15, 2011

Fight attacks on our collective bargaining rights

ESSB 5931 stripped collective bargaining rights - and a voice at work - from information technology workers moving into the new Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) agency. It was an outrage. But now it's being interpreted to strip rights from even more IT workers.

This is unacceptable.

On Sept. 20 the state personnel director will hold a hearing to formally exempt 23 IT job classifications from civil service and collective bargaining.
The workers placed in those new categories would become "at-will" employees, meaning their agency can terminate them on the spot for any reason.

No process. No protections. No justice.

This is where the rubber hits the road. An injury to one of us is an injury to all of us. Stripping the bargaining rights of 200 IT workers is an attack on the bargaining rights of all 40,000 Federation members.

Readers of the 9/15/11 HOTLINE story "Stop attacks on our collective bargaining rights" requested a list of affected job classes.  Here they are:

Members who are currently in these classifications:

  • Contracts Specialist 1 (144F)
  • Contracts Specialist 2 (144G) 
  • Contracts Specialist 3 (144H) 
  • Information Technology Specialist 2 (479J) 
  • Information Technology Specialist 3 (479K) 
  • Information Technology Specialist 4 (479L) 
  • Information Technology Specialist 5 (479M) 
  • Information Technology/Applications Specialist  (479N) 
are being reallocated into these new exempt positions:
  • B9500 Systems Integration Specialist - CTS
  • B9501 Systems Integration and Design Expert - CTS
  • B9502 Systems Integration Enterprise Expert - CTS
  • B9503 State Data Center Security Manager
  • B9504 State Data Center Infrastructure Manager
  • B9505 State Data Center Facilities Manager
  • B9506 State Data Center Services Manager
  • B9507 Telecommunications Network Specialist - CTS
  • B9508 Telecommunications Network Expert - CTS
  • B9509 Telecommunicaitons Netword Enterprise Expert - CTS
  • B9510 Contracts Specialist - CTS
  • B9511 Senior Contracts Specialist - CTS
  • B9512 Contracts Attorney - CTS
  • B9513 Contracts Manager - CTS
  • B9514 Information Technology Services Coordinator - CTS
  • B9515 Information Technology Services Manager - CTS
  • B9516 Senior Security Engineer - CTS
  • B9517 Expert Security Gateway Engineer - CTS
  • B9518 Expert Security Infrastructure Engineer - CTS
  • B9519 Security Architecture Design Engineer - CTS
  • B9520 Security Manager - CTS
  • B9521 Chief Information Security Officer - CTS

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