October 6, 2011

Rights of another Haborview Medical Call Center worker upheld

The Public Employment Relations Commission has upheld the rights of another worker at the Harborview Medical Call Center.

A PERC hearing examiner on Sept. 28 ruled that Local 1488 member Robin Jackson was part of the Federation-represented bargaining unit when she was terminated this past January. She was covered by the contract and its grievance procedure, PERC said.

“When the employer chose not to process the grievance filed by the union on Jackson’s behalf (over her termination without just cause), it unlawfully interfered with employee rights,” according to the decision.

Under the order, the University of Washington must honor the grievance mediation procedure in the contract. If no decision is reached at mediation by Nov. 28, the dispute will be submitted to binding arbitration, with the UW bearing all arbitration fees and costs.

The decision came on an unfair labor practice complaint filed by the union. PERC upheld the union complaint in an earlier ULP over the medical center and the UW’s attempt to strip them of their bargaining rights. The UW has appealed that order.

The UW has 20 days from the Sept. 28 ruling in the Jackson case to appeal.

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