November 1, 2011

Seattle Times columnist endorses Federation's 3% corporate tax break furlough plan

We’ve had our differences with the Seattle Times Editorial Board. But Times columnist Danny Westneat did a little digging and thinks our call for a 3 percent furlough of this state’s corporate tax breaks would bring in a cool $450 million, or nearly a quarter of the money needed to cover the new $2 billion deficit.

Wrote Westneat:

“But what if the corporate world was asked to give the same as the unions – three? Not a 3 percent increase in their base tax rates. Just forgo 3 percent of the value of their tax breaks (which by their nature are special carve-outs, anyway)….

“The union was probably out just to make hay. Maybe it spun a little gold instead.”

Read the full column here:

Well, we were serious. And so are you. The 3 percent corporate tax break cut has inspired you to add your voice to why it’s needed. Go to the Federation website at and share your reasons with legislators why they should cut corporate tax breaks to avoid the horrendous budget proposals put on the table by the governor last Thursday.

And watch the website and these hotlines for calls to action for the week of the special session, Nov. 28-Dec. 4. We’re meeting with our coalition partners and we’ll have lots of information coming soon.

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