December 1, 2011

Stop cuts, find revenue message hitting home as legislator annouces bill to roll back some 160 tax giveaways, raise revenue

At yesterday’s Capitol campus rally against the excesses of the wealthiest 1 percent, Rep. Chris Reykdal of the 22nd District said he’ll introduce legislation next week to close some 160 tax breaks and make other changes to raise revenue to protect public safety, public services and higher education.

He told the crowd of about 200 his bill will also create jobs.

He said the court fight challenging the constitutionality of Tim Eyman’s initiative requiring an undemocratic two-thirds vote of the Legislature to raise revenue also continues.

“It recognizes that the 99 percent make this country great,” he said. “We are not great despite government, we are great because of government….We can do this. Go tell the fat cats we can do this.”

And the crowd did just that marching off campus to the state headquarters of the Association of Washington Business.

So the news from Day 3 shows someone is listening to the 99 percent. Reykdal’s plan will go far beyond the Federation compilation of 27 tax giveaways from six groups that could be cut to find revenue.

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