March 19, 2010

Kidney donor needed (humanitarian request)

We have a humanitarian request on behalf of one our members.  Peter Stalgis, a Seattle Local 304 member, has a wife who is need of a kidney transplant. As you know, sometimes there can be a very long wait. That is why the local is appealing to all Federation members.

If you are interested in being a donor and you have Type O blood, contact Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle at 1-800-354-9527, Ext. 11201, and tell them you want to be tested as a donor for Sue Stalgis. Peter says there will be no cost to you. He also asks if you are unable to be a donor, please pass this to other people who might be interested.


rajiv said...

I want to donate my kidney for money
I am O+ blood group
35y old
No diabetic, No smoke , No drink and healthy
I am from bangalore
If you are interested please mail me at

teresa said...

I am not a match BT- B+ but will spread the word..Godspeed on a quick match!

c said...

♥j~♥ I am A+,but I will certainly spread the message ♥~j~♥

zohra said...

How did you get this website and topic up??? I'm sorry I'm not a match. My cousin is also on this long list of people waiting for a kidney donor. Goodluck

Harvey said...

Someone interested in donating does NOT need to be a O blood type. Beign a blood type A may allow someone to be a donor. Also, getting involved in a paired kidney exchange is possible. To learn more about paired kidney exchanges go to: or contact: