March 23, 2010

Special delivery message No.1: Senator Jim Kastama

Members are giving us feedback that it’s hard to get feedback from some of their legislators on the critical issues facing state employee families and the citizens we serve. 

So we’ve heard from our members in the 25th District in the Puyallup area that their senator, Sen. Jim Kastama, may need a rolling recess reminder how important these issues are. So here is the message to Sen. Kastama: 
As a taxpayer, and a member of a working family, I want you to fight for my interests by voting for closing tax loopholes. Please vote for closing loopholes around custom software, large, out-of-state financial institutions and out of state sales tax exemptions. This financial crisis is too big for just working families to lift. Big corporations that make large profits need to share the burden too. 
Thank you for helping to protect working families.
How to contact Sen. Kastama:

1.    Olympia office: (360) 786-7648

2.    E-mail:

3.    Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000. Caution: Operators may not take your message for Sen. Kastama unless you come from the 25th District.

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