July 30, 2010

If you feel you'll be retaliated against by the Governor's Budget Transformation Commission, submit ideas to us

The four regional hearings by the governor’s stacked-against-state employees Budget Transformation Commission wrapped up Thursday in Spokane.

You can submit ideas to her website: http://transformwabudget.ideascale.com/

But many of you have said you fear retaliation by going to one of her hearings or submitting an idea through her website.

So by noon today, Friday, July 30, we will have a special link on our website where you can submit your ideas to us and we will submit them to the governor on behalf of the union so you’d remain anonymous.

Go to WFSE.org > ISSUSES and look for the “Transform the Budget in Confidence” link under “Issues” or in the “flash” display at the bottom of the main page. Give us your ideas to manage the deficit in strictest confidence.

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