July 16, 2010

Kyron Horman's grandfather in need of shared leave

This is a plea for help in a tragic story you’ve all heard and read about. It comes from Neil Horman, a DSHS worker in IT.

The statement Neil authorizes:On June 4, 2010 my grandson, Kyron Horman, disappeared from his school in Oregon. In order to support the family, my wife and I went to Oregon. This burned all my leave time and more. This situation is extremely stressful and the upset continues. I am making it to work as I can but this is an ongoing tragedy and we have dramatic ups and downs.

As the investigation continues my wife and I may have to return to Oregon. We simply do not know what to expect.

As time goes on we hope that Kyron will be found and we can rejoice. In the mean time we are still in dynamic flux and we could use your help if possible.

If you can help Neil with a donation of eligible unused annual leave or sick leave or all or part of your personal holiday, contact your human resources representative.

By the way, we are confirming, but we believe from the information DSHS has provided us that Neil is one of the workers subject to furloughs. If true, that truly adds insult to a great injury.

More shared leave requests are at the end of this message.

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