September 17, 2010

Bargaining Updates


EWU members this past Monday (Sept. 10) overwhelmingly ratified their 2011-2013 contract, which rolls over the current contract with six important additions, including a financial re-opener clause to go back to the table should any other WFSE/AFSCME contract get any general wage increases or additional personal paid leave. The Health Care Benefits Amounts article will be folded in if and when that article is wrapped up (the unions are waiting for management to return to the table with a realistic proposal to negotiate). The EWU vote was: Bargaining Unit 1 – 63 to accept, 7 to reject; Bargaining Unit 2 – 10 to accept, 0 to reject.

It’s now clear the other teams will bargain past Oct. 1: 


The coalition of 12 Community Colleges bargained this week (Sept. 15 and 16). In recent bargaining there, the team reached tentative agreement on five more articles:
  • Article 3 – Workplace Behavior (strengthened for all employees);
  • Article 8 – Overtime (takeaways prevented);
  • Article 9 – Training and Employee Development (takeaways prevented);
  • Article 10 – Holidays (improved for alternative work schedule employees);
  • Article 11 – Vacation (takeaways prevented). 
 The CCC team is holding management’s feet to the fire to live up to their respective mission statements, which speak of such values as supporting employees. The team is also fighting a management proposal to raise employee parking fees. “Don’t freeze employee wages and benefits and then look toward those same employees to boost revenue,” the team said. Like other WFSE/AFSCME teams, the CCC Bargaining Team is looking for additional bargaining dates through the fall. The contract expires June 30, 2011.


The third mediation session on the WSU contract is set for this Monday, Sept. 20, in Pullman. The parties reached impasse on the contract in June. The mediator brought both sides together on one article in the first mediation session. Some movement came in the second session, but the WSU Bargaining Team still hopes for changes on: holiday pay equivalent to work shift; work during cyclic leave; sick leave as time worked; freezing parking fees; and expanding hazard pay. The WSU contract expires June 30, 2011.


Management presented the CWU Bargaining Team with a compensation proposal similar to that presented at other tables – freezing pay and step increases. That came during the team’s Sept. 9-10 round of bargaining. With little economics on the table, it became clear that bargaining at CWU, too, will go past Oct. 1. In the most recent round of bargaining, the team did reach tentative agreement on 11 more articles:
  • Article 3 – Workplace Behavior
  • Article 8 – Overtime
  • Article 16 – Work-Related Injury or Illness
  • Article 19 – Leave Without Pay
  • Article 21 – Uniforms, Tools and Equipment
  • Article 29 – Discipline
  • Article 30 – Grievance Procedure
  • Article 33 – Employee Files
  • Article 37 – Mandatory Subjects
  • Article 41 – Dues/Fees Deduction and Status Reports
  • Article 53 – Printing of Agreement 
 Future CWU bargaining dates will be announced. The current contract covering CWU members expires June 30, 2011.


In the five most recent bargaining sessions, the TESC Bargaining Team has reached tentative agreement on several articles—but got the same insulting compensation articles that other WFSE/AFSCME bargaining tables have received. 

The team on Aug. 31 received the same offensive compensation proposal as the other tables – no cost-of-living adjustments and takeaways in other areas. 

Because of the state budget and unresolved bargaining over Health Care Benefits Amounts, contract negotiations have been extended past Oct. 1. Additional TESC bargaining dates will be announced.

But both sides have reached tentative agreement on 13 more articles:
  • 4  Hiring and Appointments
  • 5  Temporary Appointments
  • 10  Holidays
12  Sick Leave
15  Family and Medical Leave
  • 16  Work Related Injury or Illness
20  Safety and Health
21  Uniforms, Tools, and Equipment
  • 25  Licensure and Certification
  • 29  Discipline
  • 30  Grievance Procedures
  • 37  Mandatory Subjects
51  Entire Agreement
The current contract covering TESC members expires June 30, 2011.


At the UW, negotiations have stalled and are in danger of heading to impasse. UW will not agree to basic improvements in language and working conditions for our members; not because they can't, because they don't want to, according to the team.

“All of the improvements we are seeking are things that the General Government contract and/or the Higher Ed Coalition contract already have and are actually improving on currently,” the UW team said.

 In seven bargaining sessions from Aug. 12 to Sept. 15, the team reached tentative agreement on Article 7 – Union Dues and Security, proposed changes in 18 other articles and proposed a new article, Mandatory Subjects.  

The UW team, too, will extend negotiations past Oct. 1. They have bargaining dates set for Sept. 23 and 24, Oct. 15 and Oct. 20. The UW contract expires June 30, 2011.

This small unit of about 10 has had two half-day sessions. The UWPM Bargaining Team has proposed opening several articles. Management has not responded with any counters and has not made any proposals. The UWPM contract expires June 30, 2011.


The General Government Bargaining Team heads back to the table Sept. 28 and 29. Bargaining dates have been scheduled at least until Dec. 10. The General Government contract expires June 30, 2011.

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