September 7, 2010

LABOR DAY 2010: Patty Murray joins labor events to reaffirm fight for jobs, health care, Wall Street reform

Flanked by supporters in “AFSCME Green,” Washington’s U.S. Sen. Patty Murray used a Labor Day speech in Tumwater to urge Federation and all union members to “reaffirm” their commitment to the fight for jobs, health care and Wall Street reform.

“This election is not about Patty Murray, this election is about you,” she told the crowd Monday.  

“This is about your family and the strength of the future. You know that I fight for all of you. I’ve been at your back on every vote to make sure we have a strong country for the workers who go to work every day. Now I’m asking you to be at my back.”

Murray is the Federation’s endorsed candidate for the United States Senate. She has a 100 percent “Right” voting record in the current Congress and a 94 percent “Right” voting record in her 17 years in the Senate.

Murray note the contrast with her opponent, two-time gubernatorial runner-up Dino Rossi, who pledges to overturn Wall Street reform.

“Not on my watch,” Murray said. “We’re going to keep that in place. I know whose side I’m on…. I’m not on the side of the wealthy Americans who want more tax breaks and invest it overseas when they get it.”

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