October 20, 2010

Federation members and allies shout down supporters of I-1082

The Building Industry Association of Washington, who spearheaded Initiative 1082 to turn our state’s workers’ compensation system over to AIG and other Wall Street insurance companies that helped ruin the economy in the first place, got a jolt this morning when they “rallied” outside Labor and Industries (LNI) headquarters in Tumwater.

An equal number of Federation members and members from other unions ranging from the IBEW to Building and Construction Trades spoke truth to power and shouted down the BIAW’s lies.

LNI employees, who were discouraged by management from participating even on break time, showed their support by peering down from outside balconies and office windows.

The Federation and allies shouted, “Let’s vote no on 1082, good for insurance bad for you” and “Is this how you use our bailout money?”

After about a half hour of befuddlement because they couldn’t match the lungpower of the union team, the BIAW partisans slowly drifted away. The insults they shouted at the employees looking on from inside fell flat.

The BIAW has publicly made it its mission to obliterate L&I, “closed down, windows shuttered, with weeds growing all over its sprawling campus.”

After today, it looks like they’ll have to wait a long time for that.

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