October 1, 2010

Proposed DOC cuts announced

Following DSHS, the Department of Corrections yesterday announced how it would implement the 6.3 percent cuts ordered by the governor, effective today.

DOC Secretary Eldon Vail in a memo to staff, said he can’t find all the savings mandated. The cuts would translate to $53 million, he can only find $51.3 million, so he will ask the Legislature to help.

As in DSHS, DOC proposes adding more furlough days. Many staff previously exempted will be furloughed – how many days DOC proposes wasn’t said. And those who’ve been furloughed face an 11th furlough day in May 2011.

And as with DSHS, the Federation disagrees and we will meet them at the bargaining table. There are billions in tax loopholes and a bloated Washington Management Service that should be trimmed first.

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