July 13, 2011

State agrees to $13,500 in backpay for LPNs at Western State Hospital

LPNs caring for geriatric patients at Western State Hospital have been arriving early for years to prepare medications for their patients. It seemed the best way to avoid interrupting the patient’s day. But the time worked pre-shift was not calculated for pay.

Shop Steward Scott Marshall questioned the practice and research by Council Representative Sean Dannen showed that 16 employees were affected.

Applying the three-year statute of limitations, an amount of $13,542.52 was calculated as unpaid wages.

Union representatives and the state met to negotiate the issue and reached an agreement on June 30 to compensate affected employees. The issue with scheduling and pre-shift work was addressed in October 2010, so non-payment of work completed no longer occurs.

Affected employees will receive this backpay on their July 25 paycheck.

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