June 29, 2011

State Senator joins rally against ward closure at Western State Hospital

About 100 day shift and swing shift Local 793 members rallied today outside Western State Hospital in Lakewood to protest the closure of the S-4 Ward and moving those patients with privileges into the community to the high-security Forensics Ward – a move that jeopardizes security of patients, the staff and surrounding neighborhoods and schools.

The ward closure came despite management assurances that it was not in the works. The members are angered when the state sprung this drastic change without bargaining.

“What happened to the culture of respect…,” said Local 793 President James Robinson.

“Western State Hospital has lost their way. What happened to the mission of this hospital?”

Joining the angry local members was state Sen. Mike Carrell of the 28th District, a longtime supporter of state institutions and Western State Hospital.

Members not only rallied but also called the governor’s office to voice their concerns.

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