May 26, 2010

Bargaining Updates

We gave you a pretty detailed summary of the first General Government bargaining session with management last time.

To keep up to date on all of our bargaining teams, go to and click on “Bargaining Center.” You can also click on the calendar to see the dates of bargaining team meetings and negotiations.

But here’s a roundup of what’s ahead as most teams now have negotiating dates: 

General Government: Set to bargain June 9, 10, 15 and 16.

General Government Supplemental Bargaining Teams (Transportation, Parks and Recreation, Corrections, Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife and 24-Hour Institutions) have been elected. Here they are:
Department of Agriculture: Pete Wood (grain inspector); Thomas Kirk (grain sampler weigher); Dennis Rushing (fruit and vegetable inspector); and Art Fluharty (regulatory bargaining unit).
Department of Corrections: Doug Butcher (SW Region); Bill Copland (SE Region); Rob Diekman (NW Region); Jon Oglesby (NE Region); and Dennis O’Brien (King/Pierce). They’d be joined by their General Government representative Wendy McCombs.
Department of Fish and Wildlife: Bruce Ault, Bob Kreiger and Jed Varney (non-enforcement); Dan Klump, Mark James and Paul Mosman (enforcement).
Department of Transportation: Stacie Leanos and Kate Rogers, joined by their General Government representatives Sue Dinneen and Larry Flue.
Parks and Recreation: Teresa McCullough (park aides); Brian Hageman (rangers); Randy Nickle (construction and maintenance); and Brian Yearout (other job classifications). They’d be joined by Don Hall, a Parks member on the General Government team representing Natural Resources members.
24-Hour Institutions: Seth McDowell (SOLAs); James Sprague (Mental Health); Sherry Hewitt (RHCs); Chad Raish (JRA). They’d be joined by the five Institutions representatives on the General Government team: Julianne Moore, Craig Gibelyou, Gabe Hall, Melanie Coleman and Lyn Hofland.
Community Colleges Coalition: Team meeting on June 1, with negotiations on June 2, 3, 23 and 24. 

Western Washington University: The WWU Team wrapped up three days as a team working on their initial proposal. They’ll have another team meeting June 14 and the start of negotiations with management June 15. In the whole back-and-forth on whether WWU would bargain in coalition or not, we neglected in these hotlines to list the team members of the WWU team that will now bargain separately. Those team members are: Mary Ann Armstrong, Josef Bailey, Tim Harvey, Ron Rawls, Stephanie Scott, Brandon Taylor, Steve Vanko and, for police issues only, Loren “Wolf” Lipson. 

University of Washington: The UW team held its second team meeting May 25 to consider contract proposals from members and staff. A full workday was spent fine-tuning both language and strategy for the upcoming talks. The team will meet again to deal with a couple of proposals that time did not allow them to cover in the last round of negotiations (all proposals from the membership have been considered).  The first day of actual talks has not been scheduled, but the UW team will not start before they are ready – which could be before management is. 

Washington State University: The WSU team bargained May 19 and yesterday and today (May 25 and 26). They’ll also bargain June 3, 4, 7, 8, 14 and 15. After several bargaining sessions, the team reports progress on many issues, but on several other articles on the table, “we are approaching impasse.” 

The Evergreen State College: The TESC team holds its first team meetings June 1 and 2. Election results are in to fill out the TESC team now that it is bargaining separately. The TESC Bargaining Team is: Kirk Talmadge, Lana Brewster, Erik Carlson, Doug Shanafelt, Ed Rivera, Laura Carpenter, Lin Crowley, Linda Mae and Steve Johnson. 

Central Washington University: The CWU team holds its first team meeting June 8. Because CWU, too, is bargaining separately, the selection process has finished. The full CWU Bargaining Team is: Pat Devlin, Chris Stebbins, Skip Jensen, Laury Berner and Brian Pinger. 

Eastern Washington University: The EWU team has its chief negotiator and will meet soon as a team. EWU continues to bargain separately, not in coalition as originally thought. So the full EWU Bargaining Team is: Richard Beghtol, Quincy Burns, Cathy Green, Nita Holbert, Brian McCracken, Nellie Reynolds, David Sundstrom, Pat Terrell and Craig Walker.

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