May 18, 2010

General Administration members march in advance of demand-to-bargain meeting over layoffs

Dozens of General Administration members, Local 443 allies and others braved a spring downpour and marched in front of GA headquarters in Olympia Tuesday before the official demand-to-bargain meeting over layoffs and contracting out. About 20 GA trades workers have been laid off, while work obviously still existed based on the agency’s contracting out of a lot of work.

We’ll keep you updated on the outcome.

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Anonymous said...

Why is this not showing up more on the website for those who are involved to see how things are going. Also, for the families of those laid off for no good reason.
Tom Henderson, you are really stupid. You don't know anything about the work or how to manage it, think it's time for you to go. Give the guys their job back.. All you are interested in is looking good, like Bremer and look where she is, OUT thank goodness.