May 4, 2010

It's Public Service Recognition Week - tell management recognition begin with respect.

In Olympia tomorrow (May 5), Seattle and Richland May 6 and Spokane May 7, the state will sponsor Public Service Recognition Week observances. What better time to remind the state that recognition begins with respect.

So call the governor at (360) 902-4111 or 1-800-562-6000 and send a message on furloughs, health care and supplemental bargaining. 

Tell her:
  • The new law allows but does not require employee furloughs.
    Let agencies have full flexibility to come up with alternate plans that avoid the temporary layoffs.

    BACKGROUND: We’re hearing rumors the administration is pressing agencies to impose furloughs to show how tough the state is on state employees—even if agencies can find other ways to save compensation costs.
  • Don’t try to bargain away our health care.
    We already pay more for deductibles and co-pays. We also pay 12 percent of our premiums. And we’ve already sacrificed more than $1 billion in pay, benefits, pension contributions and layoffs. The state should not pressure its negotiators to come to the bargaining table asking us to pay more – even 20 percent or 30 percent – of our premium costs.
  • Follow the law and promises on supplemental bargaining.
    Supplemental bargaining allows employees in an agency to negotiate on issues specific to their interests. Management should join the union to support this legal, economical and fair way to resolve differences.
And let us know of management memos or e-mails that talk about furlough plans. They must bargain. E-mail us at

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