April 5, 2011

"Greed is the crime" Dotlich tells week of action rally

Federation President Carol Dotlich told a crowd of about 1,000 attending Monday’s Community Rally in Seattle to commemorate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but re-dedicate themselves to the fight, which is as current as today’s headlines.

“Brothers and sisters, need is not the crime, greed is the crime,” Dotlich said.

“Organized labor and collective bargaining built the middle class. Today our country is at war with crime in many, many countries. At home in America, corporations are funding a war on the workers, a war on American families.”

As it rained on the rally, Dotlich said, “Today, heaven sheds tears. It sheds tears for all those who share the dreams and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, for we have yet to realize it. It cries out for justice for workers. It reminds us that we must stand together today as Martin Luther King stood in 1968. We must stand for justice, we must stand for working families and we must carry on his dream.”

That fight for dignity brought King to Memphis 43 years ago to support the efforts of 1,300 AFSCME sanitation workers to defend their right to collectively bargain for better wages, working conditions and respect.

Monday’s rally was the second “Week of Action” event.

Other events this week culminate with the huge rally coordinated by the Federation and other unions at noon this Friday, April 8, at the Capitol in Olympia:
  • Wednesday, April 6: “Community Action Day at the Capitol,” 12 Noon, Capitol Theater, Olympia.
  • Thursday, April 7: “Health Care Workers’ Day at the Capitol.”
  • Friday, April 8: The big, “We Are One: Put People First” rally coordinated by the Federation and our other union allies, 12 noon, Capitol, Olympia. http://takeaction.wfse.org.

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