April 20, 2011

Support the House budget position on state employee contracts

Message from WFSE/AFSCME President Carol Dotlich:

State employees have sacrificed enough! Our negotiated contracts will save the state almost $400 million. Forcing additional furloughs on people doing important jobs is wrong and illegal.

Tell the politicians in Olympia to stop scapegoating workers and support the contracts.

The 2011-2013 Biennial Operating Budget (HB 1087) that passed the House funds state employee contracts. Contracts include the furlough plan that was negotiated with the governor. Members of the Washington Federation of State Employees have ratified the General Government contract with that furlough plan.
  • That plan works out to 5.2 hours a month of furlough time, or 15.6 days over the two years of the budget.
  • The 3% cut in pay saves the state $330 million.
  • This is on top of a 25% increase in state employee health costs, higher pension costs and pay cuts from the 2010-2011 furloughs – saving another $56 million.
Our contract is a fair plan - one where everyone sacrifices equally. 

The Senate version of the budget that attempts to add additional furloughs is illegal. 

It’s time to stop the irresponsible rhetoric against public servants, who have already sacrificed to save services.

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