June 7, 2011

Results of No Confidence Vote of DSHS Children's Administration Head

We have some sobering results from today’s ballot count in the no confidence vote in the DSHS deputy secretary for Children’s Administration Denise Revels Robinson.

In the ballot count conducted by the election committee at Federation Headquarters in Olympia, the results were:

  • No Confidence – 772 (98.6%)
  • Confidence – 11 (1.4%)
  • There were 66 ballots voided.
The counting ended Monday evening.

That constitutes an impressive 37.4 percent return rate/voter turnout of the 2,273 Children’s Administration bargaining unit members eligible to vote.

At this point, there will be no further public statements on the significance of the vote or the next steps being taken by the members’ Task Force for Management Accountability in Children’s Administration.

But we will keep you posted when there is more to report.

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