June 22, 2011

A special note about Althea

Many of you remember Althea Lute, the former Local 1488 president and our former vice president, organizer, director of organizing and political action field coordinator who retired in 2006.

She has been gravely ill recently. It’s a sign of how beloved she is that she has received a flurry of phone calls and visits while in the hospital. But her family has now requested no more visits or phone calls at this time. Althea is very weak and trying to bounce back. She is allowed visitors only from her family.

Her family wants you to know they appreciate all the calls, visits, prayers and concerns. They will let everyone know when Althea is stable enough to receive phone calls and visits.

Finally, they pass along Althea’s request for the one thing you can do – to keep her in your prayers and your hearts.

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