April 6, 2010

Don't let legislators throw our health care under the bus!

Don’t let legislators do to you on health care what they did to you on furloughs!
The Legislature is wrapping up its special session this week. In their final rush to get home so they can raise money for their campaigns, let’s make sure they do the right thing on health care for you and your family.
You’ve already sacrificed.
• $650 million in wage takeaways (2009)
• $200 million in healthcare cuts (1/1/10)
• $300 million in pension contribution diversions (2009)
• Thousands of state worker layoffs (2009-10)
Sacrificing health care is not an option!
What’s at stake on health care:
  • There’s a shortfall in the health insurance fund. It wasn’t caused by you. It was caused when the Legislature diverted some $200 million out of it in 2008.
  • If nothing is done, your out-of-pocket costs would skyrocket. Examples: Deductibles would go up $3,000 a person, on top of increased office-visit co-pays and other co-pays.
The solution: $65 million
  • $65 million is needed to fix the mess caused by the Legislature in 2008.
  • That would keep out-of-pocket costs level through this budget period, until mid-2011.
  • The House supports that idea. The Senate has not agreed yet.
We can’t let the politicians do nothing.
Doing nothing is not an option.
Doing nothing is an attack on your family’s health care!
  • Tell legislators to fund state worker health care with at least $65 million in General Fund-State funds in the final supplemental budget (ESSB 6444)!
  • Visit legislators.
  • Or call 1-800-562-6000.

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