April 28, 2010

Governor partially vetos furlough bill to shield managers

Gov. Gregoire today signed into law the awful state employee furlough bill, ESSB 6503, but in doing so she vetoed a part of the bill that would have directed that $10 million of the cuts come from Washington Management Service and other management classes.
"A cut of this size, over such a small base, is too large to be practical," the governor said in her partial-veto message.
She said the $10 million requirement was unfair to management and would harm management recruitment and retention. 
 What this means is a bigger chunk of compensation savings now must come from front-line state workers, increasing the chances that mandatory furloughs may very well occur for the 20 percent of state employees who could be targeted.

A copy of the governor's message on ESSB 6503 is attached.

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