June 1, 2010

DSHS in a dither over initials in union's furlough buttons

Management representatives in the Department of Social and Health Services have raised objections to the Federation’s “No Furloughs!” buttons.

They apparently are aghast at the art design where the first two letters of the word “furloughs” are made to stand out. They allege that this stands for a scatological term that actually has the initials “FY.”
The Federation has no intention of pulling the buttons when all they do is simply state that we are “F.ollowing U.p” against furloughs, and that furloughs are “F.ouled U.p.”

Had we wanted to be scatological, we would have used terms like “snafu” or “fubar,” although to call those words scatological would be offensive to the brave men and women who originated the terms in World War II.

The fact is the response to furloughs from DSHS and other agencies is truly fouled up.

The furlough law has a long list of job classes exempt from the temporary layoffs. Yet our information requests to DSHS for a list of exempt and non-exempt classes have gone unanswered.

That’s poor follow up on the part of the state to a law the governor supported and signed into law.

As we told you in a hotline message last week, the Federation has requested bargaining on furloughs—bargaining required under the law. Yet the state has not given an answer.

That is truly fouled up follow up.

So the state is stonewalling on coming clean on which job classes would face furloughs. They’re stonewalling on bargaining. Worse, agency management keeps sending out wildly differing communications about whom and when and how long furloughs will last—some in blatant disregard of what the law says.

No matter how DSHS or anybody else spells it, that’s just plain wrong.

So our campaign against furloughs continues with the buttons that are not offensive but speak the hard truth management just can’t swallow.

As Federation President Carol Dotlich said: “We’re not the ones who put the F U in furloughs.”

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Anonymous said...

Is this the best you can do? The appalling level of inaction here related to the furloughs- and the resultant 10 year old preteen response; i.e., the FU in no furloughs?????

You have got to be kidding. The WFSE impresses me as truly whiny and petulant. You have done NOTHING. You all deserve to be sacked and replaced. You are all about the status quo and keeping your inflated salaries while little by little mine is reduced.

GROW UP and fight like Teamsters. Fight this or F. U.

Your response is sickening-and to support Pam Roach in response to the budget? Knowing what kind of abusive employer she was? What kind of UNION is this? HOW DO I OPT OUT? It's disgusting. You are forcing me to pay dues to an incompetent Union that has sold state employees down the river. Are the Union employees taking FUrloughs? Of course not. How can anyone support you? Do you think we're that stupid as to buy this propaganda you throw around regarding WMS? I can think of WFSE employees that need to be short-sheeted and believe me I'm NOT WMS.

Good luck with those FUrloughs.