June 16, 2010

General Government bargaining team presents initial contract proposal

Last week, the state presented its initial contract proposal for the 2011-2013 collective bargaining agreement.

Today (June 15), the Federation presented its initial plan. It included changes to such articles as Workplace Behavior, Hours of Work, Overtime, Vacation Leave, Grievance Procedure, Seniority, Layoff and Recall and Classification. Many compensation issues, with “placeholders” for proposals yet to come, were also presented.

The rules in the contract don’t allow us to publicly discuss the details of proposals. But the team wants to stress that you very much are at the table in spirit. The hundreds of proposals you submitted last fall guided the union’s initial proposal. And now negotiations will be guided by results of the bargaining priorities survey that you got in the mail. They must be received at Federation Headquarters by June 21. Or take it online at www.wfse.org > Bargaining > General Government.

The team worked into the evening further evaluating management’s proposals. Questions on the union’s proposal are expected from management Wednesday.

Then both sides are scheduled to return to the table July 8 and 9.

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