June 25, 2010

WFSE/AFSCME files lawsuit to block furloughs; charges violation of the 14th amendment of the US Constitution, among others

The Washington Federation of State Employees this morning (June 25) filed a lawsuit to block the state furloughs set to start July 12.

The motion for a preliminary injunction asks the Thurston County Superior Court to put the brakes on the 10 furlough days until a number of legal, constitutional and administrative issues can be sorted out.

The lawsuit alleges, in part, that the furlough plan violates the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause and the state constitution’s guarantee of freedom from contract impairment. 

The union also asks the court to freeze the furloughs so the grievance the union filed Tuesday and unfair labor practice complaint filed yesterday can be resolved. If the furloughs go forward before that happens, more damage could be done.

A hearing on the motion is expected July 2. 

Bargaining with 23 agencies that chose to impose the full 10 furlough days is set for July 6 and 7. Bargaining with agencies that chose alternative plans hasn’t been set. 

Meanwhile, members across the state this week are signing “Furloughs Hurt” petitions to the governor. You can fill out the petition online. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gee thanks for the attempt at an injunction so the WFSE can say they're doing something regarding furloughs.

Won't impact the folks hanging out on our dime in Boston, and the folks hanging out in Boston on my dime won't be here in time for the hearing on July 2.

The furloughs are happening, we know it and I personally believe every WFSE employee should show some integrity and take an unpaid furlough day to demonstrate solidarity with the membership. You are all otherwise overpaid and underworked.

But I'm thinking you'd rather be partying in the Boston bars....