June 11, 2010

Without negotiation, DSHS to release the names of those targeted for furloughs at noon today

Without negotiating yet, the Department of Social and Health Services this morning dropped a bombshell and announced they will unilaterally post online the names of DSHS employees targeted for 10 furlough days starting July 12. 

Negotiations must take place and our goal as it has been all along is to reduce the number of employees affected—and persuade the governor’s budget office to stop blocking agencies who want to offer alternatives to furloughs. 

And of course we’re challenging the furloughs in many other arenas. When those developments take place soon, you will know. 

On the DSHS list, here are a couple of important things you need to know and do:
  1. Negotiations must take place. Any list of names will change. Please keep that in mind. It’s hard to be patient when invoking your rights.

  2. DSHS has not given any clear indication of which job classes are exempt from the furlough law and which are not.

  3. If you believe your job class is exempt under the law -- that it’s a quote unquote “emergent” or “essential” position -- please get a copy of your position description form to your Federation Council Representative to forward to Federation Headquarters in Olympia.
Stay tuned here for more updates.



Anonymous said...

All State,County and City employees should organize themselves.

ALL government employees should post every furlough day for the public. Then on those days all employees in a show of support should not spend any money in their communities.

This is the only way to show that we are valuable contributing members of our economic community.

Anonymous said...

I agree that not spending money in communities might make some aware. I have a suggestion: Furlough the WFSE that did not advocate for State employees. The WFSE that at the moment is curiously silent. Forget the "solidarity" blather.

Where is the WFSE regarding the hundreds of DDD field staff that are somehow EXEMPT from furloughs? How can it be that Home and Community and Childrens' Social Workers are somehow less "essential" than DDD Case/Resource Managers? ARE YOU KIDDING? Where is the WFSE and where is the advocacy for members that do the same job? The same job? Really? Same job, same furlough, right?

HOW DO I OPT OUT of this incompetent bargaining unit? Where are you-wait-WFSE is evidently more concerned about the revenue generated by State employees in dues and fees than in services and support.

WHERE ARE THE TEAMSTERS? Why am I forced to pay you to sell me out? Your response-even to talk with or connect with your membership-is pathetic. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Just recently, DDD case resource managers sued DSHS to be given the same job and pay parody as Social Worker 3s to "do the same job" and now they are exempt from being furloughed? How is it that DDD case managers are considered "essential to providing direct client care" and Social Workers are not yet we "do the same jobs"? Seems to me that if DDD case managers want to be "equal" to Social Workers, then they should have to "pay the same price" when it comes to being furloughed.

And why is it the WFSE staff are only concerned about the income they will lose at the expense of its members and not at fighting for the benefits of the members? Isn't that why we pay dues every month... whether we really want to or not?! Personally, I haven't seen any action from the Union that has benefited me in any way and I am sick of it all!!!!