January 24, 2011

House passes supplementatal budget, moving fight for Interpreters, Maple Lane and Morgan Center to Senate

The House today passed the 2011 Supplemental Budget (HB 1086) and in doing so did not adopt amendments to save interpreter services, Maple Lane School and Frances Haddon Morgan Center.

The House members did adopt an amendment to continue tolling in Community Corrections.

Rep. Bob Hasegawa’s amendment to stop the outsourcing (and elimination) of the medical interpreter program as we know it now was withdrawn. The final supplemental budget retained Rep. Ross Hunter’s language to do a pilot project to do away with the current interpreter program in favor of video and telephone interpretations likely provided through offshore contracts.

And they rejected Rep. Gary Alexander’s proposed striking amendment that had language to block the closure of Maple Lane and the Morgan Center by June 30.

The supplemental budget would also eliminate the Basic Health Plan by April 30.

So now we take the fight for what wasn’t saved to the Senate, which will shortly come out with its own supplemental budget plan.

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