January 27, 2011

Social Worker licensing bill introduced that effectively changes job requirements for

Senate Bill 5513 introduced today is another social worker licensing bill that effectively changes the job requirements for child protective workers. SB 5513 mandates a graduate degree under RCW 18.225 for CPS workers engaged in:
  • investigations of alleged child abuse or neglect; 
  • assessment of risk of abuse or neglect to children; 
  • or providing or referring to law enforcement or to remedy conditions that endanger the health, safety and welfare of children. 
SB 5513 is sponsored by Sen. Pam Roach of the 31st District, Sen. Margarita Prentice of the 11th District, Sen. Jim Hargrove of the 24th District and Sen. Val Stevens of the 39th District.

SB 5513 has been referred to the Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee, chaired by Hargrove.

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