January 11, 2011

TESC bargaing team declares impasse

The Evergreen State College Bargaining Team Monday declared impasse in their contract negotiations.

That’s a formal call for mediation by the Public Employment Relations Commission. The impasse declaration frees the team to share openly details on the status of contract negotiations. An on-campus meeting is being set up.

The TESC team last bargained Dec. 22. It wasn’t completely unproductive. The team reached tentative agreement on:

Article 2 – Non-discrimination
Article 3 – Workplace Behavior
Article 7 – Hours of Work
Article 18 – Miscellaneous Paid Leaves
Article 24 – Commute Trip Reduction and Parking
Article 53 – Printing of Agreement (Distribution of Agreement)

But several key issues remained stalled. So the impasse centers on:

Article 8 – Overtime
Article 11 – Vacation Leave
Article 17 – Suspended Operations
Article 35 – Layoffs and Recall
Article 40 – Union Activities
Article 43 – Compensation
Appendix F – Assignment Pay 

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