January 13, 2011

Legislation introduced to extend pay cuts to legislators, governor, other state elected officials

Rep. Gary Alexander, ranking Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, on Wednesday introduced a bill to extend the recently negotiated 3 percent pay cuts in General Government to the governor, all 147 legislators, other statewide elected officials and state judges.
House Bill 1115 says that anytime the Legislature approves a salary reduction for state employees, the same must apply to state elected officials.
In technical terms, Alexander’s bill directs the independent citizens’ commission that sets salaries for elected officials to impose such pay cuts.
HB 1115 has been referred to the House State Government and Tribal Affairs Committee. You can call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and urge a hearing on HB 1115, the state elected officials pay cut bill.

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