February 8, 2011

IT consolidation a gateway to outsourcing, member testifies in two hearings

The issue of consolidating information services and abolishing the Department of Information Services is a gateway to outsourcing those services, an IT member testified in two committees Tuesday.

“Consolidation is the first step toward outsourcing,” Tim Young, an IT member in the Department of Fish and Wildlife and a member of Local 443, said.

Worse, the IT consolidation plan would replace civil service protections based on seniority with a performance-based system, especially on layoffs and recall, Young told the House General Government Appropriations Committee.

“This is seen by the union as the first step in eliminating civil service protections across all agencies and to privatize information technology jobs,” he said.

He later gave similar testimony on HB 1841, the full consolidation legislation. HB 1841 would abolish DIS with a Consolidated Technology Services Agency overseen by an information “czar” or chief information officer in the Office of Financial Management. That bill came before the House Technology, Energy and Communications Committee.

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