February 24, 2011

Stand in solidarity with Wisconsin’s embattled public employees - Sat., 2/26 in Olympia!

The drive to take away your collective bargaining rights hits our state Capitol Saturday where the Evergreen Freedom Foundation is holding a rally to support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his attacks on public employees there.

Their "Support Gov. Walker Rally" is at 11 AM (Sat. 2/26) on the Capitol steps. But we won't be silenced.

Let's show them what democracy looks like.
Meet me at 10 AM at Federation Headquarters, 1212 Jefferson St. S.E., Olympia, WA 98501.
We'll have breakfast and a brief training before marching to the Capitol to have our voices heard.

We need to stand up for our rights. We need to redirect the conversation to real solutions like closing tax loopholes and trimming the Washington Management Service. We didn't cause this recession -- out-of-control tax breaks and Wall Street corporate greed did.

We're not going to let them silence our voices, are we?

Hope to see you in Olympia on Saturday.

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