February 4, 2010

General Government bargaining team begins groundwork for 2011-2013 contract negotiations

The Federation’s General Government Bargaining Team gathered in SeaTac Wednesday to begin the groundwork to get ready for negotiations on the next contract – the two-year pact running from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2013.

The team culled through some 300 proposed contract changes submitted by members. The team will then draft proposed contract language. Some of the proposals will be forwarded to agency-specific supplemental bargaining. No bargaining dates with management have been set yet.

The team also appointed several committees covering logistics, accountability, note-taking and communications.

The Higher Education Coalition of 12 Community Colleges, The Evergreen State College, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University and Western Washington University meets Feb. 10 to go over contract proposals submitted for their 2011-2013 collective bargaining agreement.

Formal demands to bargain the 2011-2013 contracts in General Government, Higher Education Coalition, University of Washington, UW Police Management and Washington State University were submitted to management last month.

All the teams gathered have already gathered for joint training on Jan. 28.

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