February 4, 2010

Keep the pressure on against the furlough bill; Capitol nuggets you need to know; Feb. 15 Rally

SSB 6503, the anti-state employee bill on furloughs, could come to a vote of the full House Friday.

Continue to call the Legislature’s Hotline Message Center at 1-800-562-6000 and urge your two House members to oppose SSB 6503, the state employee furlough bill.  Lawmakers should close tax loopholes before forcing state employees to sacrifice more on top of the $1 billion they’ve already given up to help rebuild our economy.


Nugget No. 1: SB 6832, Sen. Jim Hargrove’s bad bill attempting to fix some of the problems in the privatization pilots in DSHS Child Welfare Services, was introduced Wednesday and comes up for a hearing today (Thursday, Feb. 4), at 3:30 p.m. in Hargrove’s Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee.

Nugget No. 2: The Senate Labor, Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee is set to vote on their version of the interpreters’ collective bargaining bill (SB 6726) today (Thursday, Feb. 4).


Mark your calendars for the Public Employee/Revenue Rally and Lobby Day on the Presidents’ Day Holiday, Monday, Feb. 15. The rally will be at noon on the Capitol steps. But you can get a pre-rally briefing, lunch and lobbying appointments. Register now. Go to the Federation website at www.wfse.org and click on the RALLY icon in the upper right corner.

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