February 18, 2010

Town Halls on Saturday, Feb. 20 - updated information

Fight back against program cuts and attacks on state employees.  Attend a Town Hall scheduled in your district on Saturday, February 20th.

UPDATED 2/18/10
Legislative District 6 (Spokane) Senator Chris Marr and Rep. John Driscoll.
1) 10 AM - Noon at Northwood MS, 13120 N Pittsburg;
2) 2-4 PM at Hamblen Elem, 2121 E Thurston Ave. 

Legislative District 11 (Seattle) Rep. Bob Hasegawa
11 AM - Noon at Georgetown SSC Campus, 6737 Corson Ave S, Seattle

Legislative District 21 (Emonds) - Senator Paull Shin, Rep. Marko Liias, and Rep. Mary Helen Roberts
1) 10 -11:30 AM at Edmonds Woodway High School
2) 1:30-3 PM at Mukilteo City Hall, Mukilteo

Legislative District 22 (Olympia) Rep. Brendan Williams
4 PM at Mark Restaurant, 407 Columbia St SW, Olympia

Legislative District 23 (Kitsap) Rep. Christine Rolfes, Rep. Sherry Appleton, and Senator Phil Rockefeller
1) 9:30 - 11 AM at Bainbridge Island High School
2) 1-2:30 PM at the Eagles Nest, Bremerton

Legislative District 25 (Puyallup) Rep. Dawn Morrell (D)
10 AM - Noon at Puyallup City Hall, Council Chambers

Legislative District 26 (S Kitsap) Rep. Larry Seaquist (D)
1) Noon-1:30 PM at Olympic College Stu Ctr, Bremerton
2) 2-3:30 PM at Givens Comm. Ctr Rm 1026, Port Orchard
3) 4-5:30 PM at Peninsula High School, Purdy

Legislative District 32 (Shoreline) Rep. Darlene Fairley, Rep. Maralyn Chase, and Senator Ruth Kagi
10 AM - Noon at 3rd Place Books, Lake Forest Park
1-3 PM at Shoreline Historical Museum, Shoreline

Legislative District 37 (Seattle) Rep. Eric Pettigrew, Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, and Senator Adam Kline
10 AM-Noon at Zion Prep Acad., 4730 32nd Ave S, Seattle

Legislative District 41 (Seattle) Rep. Judy Clibborn, Rep. March Maxwell, and Senator Randy Gordon
9:30-11 AM at Hazelwood Elem., Newcastle
1:30-3 PM at Eastgate Elem., Bellevue

Legislative District 43 (Seattle) Rep. Frank Chopp, Rep. Jamie Pedersen, and Senator Ed Murray
1:30-3 PM at Seattle First Baptist Church, 111 Harvard Ave 

Legislative District 45 (Kirkland) Rep. Larry Springer, Rep. Roger Goodman, and Senator Eric Oemig
10:30 AM - Noon at Kirkland City Hall

Legislative District 46 (Seattle) Rep. Scott White, Rep. Phyllis Kenney, and Senator Ken Jacobsen
10 AM-Noon at Meadowbrook Community Center, Seattle

Legislative District 48 (Bellevue) Rep. Ross Hunter, Rep. Deb Eddy, and Sen. Rodney Tom
11 AM-1 PM at Crossroad Community Center, 16000 NE 10th Street, Bellevue

Press will be a component of these meetings
Do you have a sympathic story that can help - or know someone who does?  Contact Tim Welch at 800-562-6002.

*Town Hall information is being updated daily.  Don’t see your home town? 
Go here: http://fusewashington.org/budget


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