February 1, 2010

Pine Lodge closure delayed

The announcement came quietly last Thursday, but the Department of Corrections has delayed the closure of Pine Lodge Corrections Center for Women in Medical Lake.

DOC made the move now that Spokane County and the City of Spokane have shown interest in joint use of Pine Lodge.

This is good news, but it’s considered a temporary reprieve. We should not let our guard down. The community of Medical Lake certainly isn’t.

The Medical Lake mayor and city administrator on Friday told the state they were not consulted about the joint use possibility. And they want Pine Lodge to remain as it is—the only state corrections facility for women in Eastern Washington.

Mayor John Higgins and City Administrator Doug Ross vowed to take “every action available, including legal” to prevent Pine Lodge from closing or morphing to a city-county facility.

So stay tuned and stay vigilant.

Watch coverage on TV Q6, Spokane:

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