May 5, 2011

Hotdogs and Hotlines - special session legislative events have started

Local 443 member Defrance Clarke at local's Public Service Recognition Week booth May 4 that generated hotline calls to "Blow the whistle on contracting out."

“Hotdogs and Hotline” events to generate hotline phone calls to blow the whistle on contracting out and to support your issues in the special legislative session have started.

The aim is to take the fight to worksites statewide. The schedule so far is below and posted online at

If you want an event at your worksite, call Brandon Anderson at 1-800-562-6002.

AND….Don’t forget to keep calling legislators to oppose the expansion of contracting out in the budget, HB 1087, or in other legislation.

Call 1-800-562-6000:  Tell your legislators to respect and retain the current law on your contracting out rights. Contracting out is a cop out when there’s billions in tax loopholes to close.

Special Session Legislative Action Events/Hotdogs and Hotlines:
  • May 5: Rainier School, 11-1; DDD Field Office, Noon-1
  • May 6: SSCC, Noon-1; WSH, 11-1
  • May 10: Centennial Bldgs, 11:30-1
  • May 11: Yakima DSHS 16th Ave, 11-2; Mill Plain DSHS CSO, Noon-1
  • May 12: Morain Complex Kennewick, 11-2; DSHS Point Plaze East, 11:30-1; Maint WSH, 11-1; CFS Foyer WSH, 5:30-7
  • May 16: ESD White Salmon, Noon-1; HCA Woodland Park Square, 11:30-1
  • May 17:Everett DSHS, 11:30-1: Goldendale DSHS, Noon-1
  • May 18: Kent CSO, (time tba); Trades Phone Banking (location/time tba)
  • May 19: FHMC, Noon-2; East Vancouver DOC, Noon-1; DOL Blacklake Bldgs 1/2/3, 11:30-1; L931, L1221 (WSP and WS Archives) at Sutton Park in Cheney, 9-4
  • May 24: Tacoma DDD, 11:30-1; DOC ELG Bldg, 11:30-1

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