May 23, 2011

OPPOSE ESSB 5931 and HB 2122

Tell House Ways & Means Committee members to OPPOSE Wisconsin-style attacks that erode collective bargaining and competitive contracting rights.

OPPOSE ESSB 5931 and HB 2122


The Governor is insisting that weakened collective bargaining rights be included in the DIS  reorganization bill (ESSB 5931). The Administration has never made any proposals at the bargaining table or ever attempted to propose new rules.

Instead, the Governor blames collective bargaining for the failures of management and argues true reform can only be achieved by eliminating workers’ rights.

The only difference from Wisconsin is scale - the philosophy is the same. The House should reject this blatant power grab.

CALL THE LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE AT 800-562-6000 or send send an email here.

Leave a message for the House Ways & Means Committee members and your House members to:
  • OPPOSE ESSB 5931:
    • Honor the law on collective bargaining rights in the proposed new Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) agency.
    • Honor the law on competitive contracting in the proposed new Department of Enterprise Services (DES) and Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) agencies.
  • OPPOSE HB 2122:
    • HB 2122 tries to end run the recent court injunction against the illegal contracting out of Child Welfare Services case management statewide in DSHS Children’s Administration. Superior Court Justice Thomas McPhee told the agency that he expected the department to act in good faith.

      This bill, dropped in the final hours of the special session, is an attempt to side-step competitive contracting, the injunction, and a larger policy debate that should have been heard during the regular session.

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