May 25, 2011

House passes budget; sends ESSB 5891 back to Senate amended

The House Tuesday night passed the budget on a vote of 54-42 with two excused. It now goes to the Senate for expected action Wednesday.

The House shortly before midnight passed the Corrections bill, ESSB 5891, on a vote of 50-43. It goes back to the Senate because it was amended. That amendment (849) authored by Rep. Tim Probst mitigates the bill a good deal.

The effect:

  • Restores supervision of persons convicted of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in the second degree, Custodial Sexual Misconduct in the second degree, Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes, and misdemeanor Failure to Register as a sex offender.
  • Eliminates the one-year limit on supervision of these offenders, as well as offenders convicted of a repetitive domestic violence offense who have a qualifying prior offense.
  • Restores supervision of felony sex offenders who receive a sentence of one year or less in jail if their risk assessment indicates they have a low or moderate risk to reoffend.

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