March 24, 2011

Calls needed on bill limiting liability for Community Corrections and DSHS

The bill (ESSB 5605) to limit liability for Community Corrections and DSHS actions done in good faith did not come to a vote in the House Judiciary Committee Thursday. But there’s a proposed committee amendment that would not extend the provisions of the bill to child abuse investigations.


Call your two House members at 1-800-562-6000 to support ESSB 5605 in its current form and reject the Klippert amendment to expand liability. This is especially important if you have a member of the House Judiciary Committee from your district. The members of the House Judiciary Committee are:

(Chair) Rep. Jamie Pedersen of the 43rd District.

Rep. Roger Goodman of the 45th District.
Rep. Jay Rodne of the 5th District.
Rep. Matt Shea of the 4th District.
Rep. Bruce Chandler of the 15th District.
Rep. Deb Eddy of the 48th District.
Rep. David Frockt of the 46th District.
Rep. Steve Kirby of the 29th District.
Rep. Brad Klippert of the 8th District.
Rep. Terry Nealey of the 16th District.
Rep. Tina Ordwall of the 33rd District.
Rep. Ann Rivers of the 18th District.
Rep. Mary Helen Roberts of the 21st District.

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