March 4, 2011

Support bill allowing off-duty community corrections officers to carry firearms

ESHB 1041 must pass the House by Monday to stay alive for Senate consideration. The bill would allow Community Corrections officers who have completed government-sponsored enforcement firearms training to carry a concealed weapon off-duty, with some restrictions. It will protect CCOs when they’re off-duty – especially in the wake of last month’s incident where a wanted felon used a sawed-off shotgun to shoot at two officers in Longview. The suspect fired when he recognized one of the CCOs – if it had happened off-duty, the CCOs would not have been armed.

So call your two House members at 1-800-562-6000 and urge them to support ESHB 1041, the off-duty firearms bill to protect Community Corrections officers. It must pass the House by Monday.

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