March 8, 2011

Town Hall meetings this weekend

Several legislators are holding town hall meetings back in their districts this weekend. Our allies in the Our Economic Future Coalition have a list of town hall meetings you’re encouraged to attend. Go to: 

We encourage you to attend to press your case for real solutions to the budget problem that include closing tax loopholes and trimming the Washington Management Service and not closing Yakima Valley School, Frances Haddon Morgan Center, Maple Lane School, funding state parks, not harming services with the various agency consolidations, keeping Fish and Wildlife enforcement strong, funding Community Corrections and much more.

Our Economic Future Coalition has put together a list of some of those unjustified tax giveaways. Go to their website at: 

Of the town halls meetings, one we need a good turnout for is the one in the 43rd District. House Speaker Frank Chopp and his seatmate Rep. Jamie Pedersen will hold their town hall meeting  from 2 to 3 p.m., this Saturday, March 12, at Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Ave. (on First Hill up from Broadway). It is crucial to get advocates for the residential habilitation centers to the 43rd District town hall and urge Speaker Chopp to continue his strong support for the RHCs.

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