March 10, 2011

Corrections Local 308 challenges other WFSE/AFSCME locals to meet or beat contribution to Wisconsin Workers' Rights Emergency Response Fund

State Community Corrections Local 308 in King County has sent a check for $500 to support embattled AFSCME public workers in Wisconsin. 

Local 308 is now challenging other WFSE/AFSCME locals to meet or beat their contribution. 

AFSCME President Gerald McEntee has sent out an appeal. Here is the link to contribute to the Wisconsin Workers’ Rights Emergency Response Fund.

This is all the more important after supporters of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker rigged a state Senate vote there to pass the bill eliminating collective bargaining rights and workers’ voice. 

Marty Biel, executive director of our counterpart Wisconsin State Employees Union/AFSCME, said the rigged vote turned Wisconsin into a “banana republic.” 

Here, Sen. Joe Zarelli is keeping a low profile after the chair of Washignton’s state Senate Ways and Means Committee, Sen. Ed Murray, said he opposes Zarelli’s bill to scuttle our contracts and force negotiations to cut pay more and impose even higher health cost increases. Murray said the bill will not get a hearing in his committee. But he told the Seattle Times it’s possible Zarelli and the supporters of his SB 5870, which includes at least one Democratic co-sponsor, may use a procedural ploy to relieve the committee of the bill and bring it straight to the floor. Zarelli told the Times more senators “may be open to the idea after the March 17 revenue forecast” which is expected to show a larger budget deficit.


  • Call 1-800-562-6000 and tell your legislators to oppose SB 5870. Legislators need to enact real solutions, like closing the $100 million tax break for out-of-state banks and billions in other loopholes rather than blaming public servants and imposing deeper pay cuts and even higher health costs.
  • Turn out for the “Rally to Protect Our Future,” sponsored by our allies in the Our Economic Future Coalition, Thursday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, Noon, Capitol Steps, Olympia. This rally will focus on education, health care, the environment and civil rights.
  • And save the week of April 4 for the “Week of Action,” with a big rally expected for later in that week. Details to come.

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