March 31, 2011

What are the experts saying about the budget getting done by Easter?

As we approach April 1, the latest deadline for fiscal bills to clear committees, the Legislature and all those around start scratching their heads and wondering whether lawmakers can wrap up their work by the scheduled end of the 105-day session on Easter Sunday, April 24.

The House is supposed to roll out an operating budget first. That was supposed to be last week, but the March 17 revenue forecast sort of threw those timelines out.

In his blog, Rep. Sam Hunt of the 22nd District said, “Ways and Means Democrats struggle to find ways to build a budget with billions of dollars in cuts.”

Here’s what veteran Capitol correspondent Brad Shannon of The Olympia blogged yesterday.

“I have believed since before session began that lawmakers would have to come back in June for adjustments to the budget and/or finish a tax package for the November ballot. The question now is whether they can get their first draft budget written into law by April 24, the 105th day of regular session.” 

That’s why it’s so important you take part in the “Week of Action” that starts this Saturday, and especially the huge labor-coordinated rally at noon on Friday, April 8, at the Capitol. 

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