March 17, 2011

"Put People First!" demands presented to governor, legislature by 3000-plus at rally today

On the day the latest state revenue forecast predicts the deficit will grow by nearly $700 million to $5.1 billion, some 3,000 Federation members and their allies rallied at the Capitol and presented a list of demands to the governor and Legislature to put people first with a responsible budget that protects vital services and asks the wealthy and the corporations to take on their fair share of sacrifices.

A delegation including Federation President Carol Dotlich went from the Protect Our Economic Future rally to meet with representatives from the governor's office, the speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader.

They then joined the crowd that had marched from the Capitol steps into the rotunda.

They made it clear they expect an answer by the week of April 4, when a Week of Action will culminate with another huge rally at the Capitol April 8.

"You the governor and the state Legislature have a choice," said rally emcee Robby Stern. "You can create a budget that lessens human suffering and inequality, or you can protect corporations and the wealthy from sharing the sacrifice.

"The people of Washington await your response."

In the past 10 years, the Legislature gave away $3 billion in tax breaks, which could have put to good use in this economic crisis.

Legislators "need to know that we are deadly serious, that the time for taking out this Wall Street-produced recession and economic crisis on working people, low-income people, our children and the vulnerable in our state has come to an end."
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