March 4, 2011

Tell legislators - don't cut injured workers benefits!

Washington State Senators are negotiating "compromise" legislation that will include significant benefit cuts for workers who get injured or permanently disabled on the job in Washington state. These cuts have nothing to do with the budget crisis. The workers' compensation system is separate, and employer costs in our state are LOWER than they are in 35 other states. But powerful corporate lobbying groups are demanding benefit cuts anyway so they can save more money on their workers' comp premiums.

This is a serious threat to the quality services provided by our members in the Department of Labor and Industries. And it’s a direct attack on L&I members’ jobs. We defeated Initiative 1082 this past November. We need to finish the job in the 2011 legislative session.


1. Email your State Senators TODAY and tell them: No "compromise" that includes benefit cuts for injured workers! Follow the link here:

2. Call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and leave a message for all of your legislators. Tell them: "OPPOSE any bill that would cut workers' comp benefits. OPPOSE compromise-and-release lump-sum buyouts and OPPOSE cutting injured workers off of their disability pensions."

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